t380_cde7b6ca1b834de83d3f4d8b37b96f2e“Mom, I’m bored!” says every child—always.

Growing up, Tic Tac Toe was my go-to game during long car rides, boring plane rides, and, the worst of all, waiting at restaurants. This simple game always seemed to make the time fly, even though I knew the “trick” to winning every time.

Pressman Toy‘s Tic Stac Toe takes the nostalgic pen-and-paper game to a whole new, three-dimensional, interactive level. The object of the game is a little more complex than the original: be the first player to get FOUR (not three) of your pieces in a row, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

A combination of the original game and another favorite, Connect Four, players must set up their game board with the four tiles provided. Once the simple set up is locked and on a flat surface, it’s time to play! The game pieces are oversized and come in two variations: red X’s and white O’s.

Players alternate turns and place their pieces directly on the board or on top of an existing piece. The package also comes with two black O’s; these specific pieces can be used to block an opponent from moving to a space. But be wise—players can only use their black O once.

I love that the board and pieces are oversized. Although pegged for players ages 8 and up, I think the concept is simple enough that youngsters will understand gameplay (Mom just may have to play too!). What’s even cooler about this game is that there’s an app that goes with it. Download Tic Stac Toe, and you can play the same game right on your smartphone. If you’re friends download as well, you can play against each other. You can even pick your own original game pieces.

Whether buying the game, or downloading the app, Tic Stac Toe is a must-have!