If you’re familiar with Squishmallows, then you probably have one or two a few dozen in your house.

The soft and snuggly plush characters are Kellytoy‘s most popular line, and in just three years more than 50 million Squishmallows have been sold around the world. More than 475 characters are already available and now the squad is getting even bigger with the addition of Flip-A-Mallows! The new line will debut this month with six reversible styles and 12 characters to collect. All six combinations are available in two sizes: 5-inch and 12-inch.



  • Gordon the Shark/Ricky the Clownfish;
  • Reginald the Corgi/Karina the Calico Cat;
  • Dawn the Fawn/Winston the Owl;
  • Devin the Dragon/Esmeralda the Unicorn;
  • Willow the Pegasus/Kimberly the Alpaca; and
  • Sharie the Sloth/Hans the Hedgehog.

At launch, Flip-A-Mallows will be available individually at Learning Express, Five Below, and The Paper Store. More retailers will be adding stock in the coming weeks. 12-inch Flip-A-Mallows three-packs will be available exclusively at squishmallows.com in the weeks ahead.