Squishmallows hit a MAJOR milestone! | Source: Jazwares/Kellytoy

Put on your top hat and bow tie because the Squishmallows squad just hit a major milestone and fans can celebrate in a BIG, squishy way!

Jazwares and its Kellytoy subsidiary announced that they have sold more than 100 million Squishmallows since the plush toy line first debuted in 2017. The brand first launched with just eight characters available at Walgreens, and in the span of only four years, there are now more than 1,000 characters in homes across the world. Hans the hedgehog, one of the original, core Squishmallows characters, is getting the top hat treatment for the occasion with an all-new Select Series Hans.

Select Series Hans | Source: Jazwares/Kellytoy

Hans is putting on his special suit in honor of the 100 millionth milestone celebration with a 16-inch Squishmallow featuring a celebratory top hat and a bow tie. This Select Series edition of Hans will be available in two 16-inch styles that fans can buy starting today at squishmallows.com. “Hans with Golden Details” is a classic brown hedgehog with gold trim on his ears, top hat, and bow tie. Only 10,000 will be made, available for $39.99 each. “Golden Hans” is an entirely gold version of the hedgehog, also wearing a celebratory top hat and a bow tie. Only 3,000 of these will be made, available for $59.99 each.

The Select Series Hans’ biography is: “Hans has a heart of gold and he can’t wait to share it with you! Whether it’s enjoying some movie magic or cooking up something new in the kitchen, he’s ready for a new adventure. He is thankful for all his friends and this friendship is one milestone he can’t wait to celebrate!”

The Select Series Hans Hangtag | Source: Jazwares/Kellytoy

As part of the celebration, the Squishmallows brand is launching a #GetGoldenHans video hashtag contest on social media for 100 potential winners. Jazwares is creating 30 units of the 24-inch Golden Hans Squishmallow — the rarest Squishmallow ever created. One of them has already been identified as the 100 millionth Squishmallow and will be available at auction on eBay starting today (Oct. 12) at noon (ET). This special Squishmallow features a special hangtag signed by Kellytoy’s Co-President Jonathan Kelly. The action will raise funds that will go directly to Art in Action — an organization that provides classroom lessons meant to inspire critical thinking and creativity with visual arts experiences. The Squishmallows brand will also donate $50,000 to Art in Action to further support their efforts. 25 of the Golden Hans will go to the #GetGoldenHans hashtag contest winners. The remaining 75 winners will receive the Hans with Golden Details.

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To enter the #GetGoldenHans hashtag contest, fans can post a video (60 seconds or less) celebrating Squishmallows and their own squads and collections to either Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with the #GetGoldenHans hashtag by Friday, Oct. 15. The @squishmallows social media channels will post all the contest details and will share select entries throughout the celebration.

Squishmallows are sold at thousands of retail outlets across the county, including independent and specialty stores, amusement parks, and national chains, including Target, Five Below, Walgreens, Walmart, Learning Express, Cracker Barrel, CVS, Costco, Justice, Hallmark, and more.