No matter how many collectibles kids may have, you can guarantee that they’ll want that collection to continue to grow at an alarming rate. That being said, when their collection has nearly maxed out, they’ll probably set their sights on a fun play set to house all their little friends. Now, kids can send all their adorable Squinkies ‘Dos to the coolest hangout in all of Squinkieville.

The Squinkies ‘Do Drops Squinkieville Clubhouse Playset, from Blip Toys, is packed with all kinds of miniature fun for kids’ Squinkies friends. With two floors and different accessories, kids will be able to keep their Squinkies busy all day long. Additionally, the play set comes with three Squinkies and a winter ‘do for kids to add to their collection.

The front of the pink, purple, and yellow clubhouse features a front lawn, a door that opens and closes, a swing, and a mailbox. The inside of the house also has a lot of little details. Specifically, the first floor of the house has a bureau and a mirror for Squinkies to ready themselves for visitors, three yellow shelves, and even a surprise door that flaps open to show a tiny mouse munching on some cheese.

Additionally, the room on the second floor is where all the bookworms will be. It contains book designs plastered on tons of shelves, as well as an open window for Squinkies to look out while they relax. Above the window, there’s also a bed that can fold down for when a Squinkie needs to catch some Z’s, as well as flip back up to store until the next nap. To the right of that room is an entirely open balcony area that also contains a lookout perch. If Squinkies want to get a birds-eye view of everything that is going on in their neighborhood, they can hop into the blue perch that moves up and down, as well as in a full rotation to see the town from different points.

The play set also includes accessories to add an even more homey touch to the clubhouse. For instance, it comes with a pink table, two purple chairs where friends can chitchat by the table, a bigger, purple lounge chair, a yellow chair that fits perfectly by the makeup vanity, and a pink table that has a rotating surface with tons of sweet treats on one side, and a game of checkers on the flipside.

The best part about the play set is that it’s super light and relatively compact. So, kids can easily toss their clubhouse in a bag to take with them on-the-go so that the fun never ends. For any little Squinkies lovers, the Squinkies ‘Do Drops Squinkieville Clubhouse Playset is the perfect addition to their already growing Squinkieville collection.