Boys Toys Bandai Super Man Spru KitsPlaying with Superman and Batman action figures is surely a fun time, but getting to build them before you play with them is even better. With SprüKits from Bandai, kids can choose from their favorites DC Comics, Halo, and Little Battlers Experience heroes and build them from scratch—or in this case, from spru.

Each kit contains a number of sprus that keep each and every highly detailed piece organized and safe until it’s time to pop it out and use it. There’s no need for scissors, paint, glue, screwdrivers, batteries, or any of that nonsense, creators will have everything they need neatly contained in the box—including an in-depth, colorful instruction guide  that kids will be spending a lot of time with.

Ideal for kids ages 8 and up, the line features different difficulty levels per model, and depending on how experienced of a builder a kid is will determine how many pieces are in the kit, how sharp the details are, how many points of articulation the figure will have, and how long it will take a kid to build (the longer, the more fun, right?!). Because I don’t consider myself to be the most skilled builder, but I am almost three times the age of an 8-year old, I settled on a Level 2 Man of Steel Superman SprüKits that would in theory take me 60 to 90 minutes to build. All went well and my poseable figural model is complete with six-pack abs, bulging biceps, and a long crimson red cape. He looks exactly like Henry Cavill and it only look me about an hour.

Boys Toys Bandai Spru KitsNot only were the instructions easy to follow, but the sprus allowed me to keep things tidy and kept all of my tiny pieces visible. The way the instructions were laid out allowed me to piece together the head, chest, arms, and legs all separately and then I easily attached it all together.

I love building sets because of how accomplished you feel (even at my age) once you’re looking at the finished product. Because these kits are geared towards older kids, I think they’ll be able to be really patient and forgiving as they work through to complete their figure–whether it be Batman, Halo Master Chief, or LBX Achilles. They’re supposed to be challenging, but the reward of satisfaction once kids are done is worth it and they are left with a really cool toy that they can play with and put on display. And, for kids that maybe aren’t so into building, but would still love a kit with their favorite character, the Level 1 kits don’t take more than 20 minutes—score!

Be sure to check out this video of our Toy Insider Kid Tyler demoing his Halo Level 2 SprüKit: