Mayonnaise might not be an instrument, but this might be.

Designed for kids ages 4 and up, Alpha Group’s SpongeBob StretchPants is a wacky way for kids to play with everyone’s favorite Krusty Krab fry cook. Because unlike most character figures, SpongeBob StretchPants features rubbery arms and legs that kids can pull, twist, and stretch more than 2 feet.

While they play, SpongeBob StretchPants will activate more than 30 sounds and phrases, some of which kids will recognize from the Nickelodeon series. Stretch SpongeBob’s rubbery arms for some unbridled optimism, or extend an elastic leg for a wise-crack. Some of my favorite included phrases were “Is that all you got,” “I’m a sponge, not a rubber band,” “Oh boy, that tickles,” “Whoa, stretch farther,” and “Okay, that was too far.” There’s also the iconic “I’m ready!”

With SpongeBob StretchPants, everyone from kids to adults can get involved in the fun. Just grab a leg, grab an arm, and pull to let the comedic stylings of the sea’s best chocolate salesmen go to work. The more you pull, the funnier SpongeBob StretchPants gets.

This twisty toy was designed to stretch, so kids can feel comfortable pulling on SpongeBob StretchPants’ arms and legs without fear of one breaking off. If you’re looking to play in a whole new way, this is the sea sponge for you.