Splash Patrol Sprinkler | Source: Melissa & Doug/the Toy Insider

Cool down with one of the cutest crews out there this summer: the Splash Patrol.

During these hot, hot summer days, it’s nice to have a place to splash around — trust me, I’m never going to say “no” to a huge, sprinkler-filled, pool-included waterpark for your backyard — but sometimes little ones don’t need a huge pool to cool down. And that’s where the Splash Patrol Sprinkler from Melissa & Doug, a perfectly sized, super-fun sprinkler, comes into play.

The Splash Patrol has a mission this summer, and it’s to keep your kids cool in the summer sun. The Patrol’s motto is “all for one and fun for all,” which is super cute and just speaks to how absolutely adorable this water toy is. Featuring 12 Splash Patrol characters that all work together to spray kids with water, this sprinkler has a real whimsical vibe, complete with bright colors and very cute, wormlike characters wearing fire hats.

Keep cool this summer with the Splash Patrol Sprinkler | Source: Melissa & Doug

The best part about this sprinkler is that it’s easy to set up! No need to wait around for anything to inflate or fill up — just hook it up to your hose and get ready for family fun. Its small size also allows it to be pretty portable, so if Grandma, a neighbor, or your friends also have a hose, you can take it along to a playdate and share the wealth!

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While the sprinkler’s main purpose is to keep kids cool, there are also added benefits hidden in the Splash Patrol Sprinkler. It encourages kids to get outside and active — and since it’s designed for preschoolers ages 3 and up, it helps build those active habits early, setting a foundation for their future. The fun characters and the sprinkler play pattern also help to develop coordination. Plus, it’s just plain fun!

So if you’re looking for an affordable way to make a splash this summer, call up the Splash Patrol. They’re sure to help you make this summer the coolest one yet!