kahootz_spirographjrcontentsCalling all little aspiring artists with big imaginations!

Parents will remember Spirograph from their own childhood, and with Kahootz Toys’ revamped line of Spirograph sets, adults can share all the gear spinning fun with their kids.

Spirograph Jr. allows even the youngest of artists to get in on the fun. Spirograph gears can sometimes get tricky, even for adults, so this kit is fully equipped with jumbo-sized gears for little hands. Kids can easily maneuver the four large Spirograph gears and the gear ring to create bold Spirograph designs. The pieces are easy to guide around the large gear ring. Each gear varies in size and has different shaped holes that allow kids to great a variety of Spirograph designs. Some of the gears’ holes are tougher to use than others, but after one or two practice tries, kids are sure to get the hang of it.

The fine-tip pens included in classic Spirograph kits are a bit too sophisticated for little kids, but Spirograph Jr. includes five washable markers that are larger to match preschoolers’ dexterity. They’re high quality and draw in bold colors, so kids’ creations show up bright and beautiful. They write incredibly smooth so that kids don’t have to struggle with poking through the paper sheets. The markers are also shorter to ensure that little hands stay in complete control.

spirograph-jr_kahootz-toysPlus, Mom and Dad will appreciate that the drawing tablet work station doubles as an easy-to-carry storage case. It helps keep your playroom neat, while allowing kids to take their creativity with them on the go. Of course, kids can create anything they can imagine out of their Spirograph creations, but the kit also includes an instruction booklet that features a couple of fun ideas, such as a snail, a crab, a shooting star, and a flower.

This kit is perfectly designed to make a more complicated activity toy accessible to younger kids. They can draw similarly complex designs fairly easily with the jumbo pieces, and start their love of Spirograph early on.