spin and spiral art station

Why choose between two types of creativity when you can have them both? 

With the Spin and Spiral Art Station from Crayola, kids ages 6 and up don’t have to choose! This set inspires artistic exploration and provides the tools to create both splatter-paint spin art and spiral marker art. 

The station itself features two circular sections: one that spins when kids push down on the center button, and one with grooves around the edge. Both are simple to use, too. For spin art, kids put one of the circular papers down, set the platform spinning, and add drops of paint to the spinning paper to create fun patterns. On the spiral side, they also start with a circular paper, but add fun designs by putting a marker tip into a hole in one of the included gears, then spinning the gear around the circular track.

Check out this video to see both sides of the station in action!

As the video shows, this is a great activity to keep two kids entertained at once, or one budding artist who wants to switch back and forth between spin and spiral art. With so many possible color and design combinations, this can provide hours of screen-free play.

Another positive aspect of the station’s design is that the spin button is kid-powered. Of course, there’s always a bit of mess when paint and markers are involved, but this button keeps the spinning from getting too out of control and causing a splattered mess. 

Kids may have so much fun creating that they use up the included paper disks or the included paint before you know it. Be prepared to cut out some additional paper circles, or provide some 6-inch paper plates, which fit perfectly in the station. As for paint, there are instructions included on how to dilute regular paint for the spiral station.

Once kids complete these circular creations, they can keep the creativity going by finding fun ways to display them — perhaps string them together to create a banner for their wall, or turn some of them into holiday decorations. With the Spin and Spiral Station, the possibilities are endless!