From Heelys to hoverboards, the options for personal transportation continue to grow without any signs of ever slowing down.

The Space Scooter, from Space Scooter Inc., offers a ride like no other. Designed for both kids and adults ages 8 and up, this innovative scooter can be ridden like a traditional kick scooter, or propelled forward using an up and down teeter-totter motion.

Toy Reviews 2016

The Space Scooter comes packaged in its folded position, essentially resembling a contortionist in a box that was never meant to house a human. Considering the Space Scooter sports parts the ordinary push scooter doesn’t (large wheels, gears, and a “Pump and Go” system), it still manages to shrink down to a fairly handy size. By pressing a few buttons and twisting some clamps, kids can fold the handlebars and lower the steering tube flat against the deck. Once kids familiarize themselves with the folding process, they’ll be able to store this unique ride in the trunk of a car, or carry it with them wherever they go. The scooter is heavy, but it’s tough for something with so many working parts to be light as a feather. While the system feels durable and strong, younger kids may need help lifting the system when it’s time.

Top 2016 ToysAfter kids unfold their scooter, they can pull on the folding trigger and watch the platform rise into pumping position. Instead of utilizing a flat deck, the Space Scooter’s deck is curved and has a tail that rises much higher than the front. Once kids hop on, they can shift their weight between their feet to maintain or build momentum. As they pump the platform up and down, the gear system beneath their feet will do gear system-type things to propel them forward. Chalk it up to some good ol’ engineering. The more pumps kids give, the faster they’ll go, giving them full control of their speed and acceleration. There’s no gas or electricity involved here, just the hard work of some young legs. I took the Space Scooter for a spin and had no trouble when it came to mastering the movements. And even though there is some balance to be maintained, the system offers a smooth and responsive ride. The handbrake works well too, ensuring kids can stop when they need to without dragging their brand new kicks across the pavement.

For kids who don’t feel like using the pump system, there’s always the option to ride the Space Scooter like a normal kick scooter. All they have to do is pull on the folding trigger and press the platform down into its folding position. But honestly, that’s like buying an all-day pass to Six Flags just to play with the elongated coin machine in the park’s gift shop. It’s a blatant self-deprivation of all that is fun. The Space Scooter shines when it gets to show off, and riding it in it’s “Pump and Go” mode is the best way to do that.

The Space Scooter comes in a variety of different color combinations and two sizes, including a “Regular” size for older kids and adults and a “Junior” size for kids between the ages of 4 and 8. The larger model can support up to 200 pounds, while the smaller model can hold up to 130 pounds.

The Space Scooter may not get kids to the moon, but its new and exciting riding style will most certainly be enough to get them out of the house.