Space Jam: A New Legacy Super Shoot and Dunk LeBron James | Source: Moose Toys

Join the Tune Squad and help LeBron win the Space Jam!

Space Jam: A New Legacy — the long-awaited sequel to the classic 1996 basketball crossover film Space Jam — is coming to theaters and HBO Max in July, and Moose Toys has a new toy that captures the crazy basketball antics the new movie. The Space Jam: A New Legacy Super Shoot and Dunk LeBron James, designed for kids ages 4 and up, works for playtime or for a high-stakes game night.

The set features a cartoonishly shaped LeBron James action figure (complete with a super-large right hand) that kids place on a launcher to shoot basketballs into a sizable plastic net. The net comes in four pieces that kids can assemble in about a minute. Once the net is snapped into place, it will stay in place. The rest of the set — including the launcher, two magnetic basketballs, and Lebron — do not need to be assembled.

Space Jam: A New Legacy Super Shoot and Dunk LeBron James | Source: Moose Toys

There are two ways to score points when playing with this action figure-slash-game: The ball has two magnetic sides to it, each featuring a different point value and weight, which will stay put in Lebron’s massive, magnetic hand. Kids can go for a three-pointer using the lighter side of the ball by just pulling Lebron’s hand back from a distance (The instructions say to shoot about 14 inches away from the net!). Kids can also get two-point slam dunks by pushing LeBron’s hand inward, then placing him on the launcher, pressing him down until his legs fold into his body, then hitting the basketball-shaped button to launch him onto the rim, which is also magnetic.

Playing with this toy solo is like a much more entertaining version of throwing paper basketballs into a garbage can: Kids will keep shooting and trying different angles to score points. The toy has excellent accuracy and, while kids won’t score every time, LeBron’s aim is on point a lot with the right amount of practice. Also, do not throw out the instructions! The back has an outline of a basketball court with layouts of where kids can place the net and LeBron to make the perfect shots.

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The set also functions as a two-person game in which kids can take turns shooting and scoring points as LeBron. There are two rotating point counters at the bottom of the net that help keep track of points, and the first player to get nine points wins the game.

Source: Moose Toys

Once play time (or game time!) is over, this set is also easy to store. The net is about 10 inches tall, and there is a space in the back to store the two basketballs. Kids can use the LeBron figure to play with other toys as well. It’s not very articulated, but the colorful, animated figure is still a great option for imaginative play.

Overall, The Space Jam Super Shoot and Dunk LeBron James is a great boredom buster that will help kids practice accuracy and learn about trajectory as they try to make that perfect shot! It’s sure to keep kids busy as they wait to watch Space Jam: A New Legacy on July 16.