Softjox blueSoftjox is a line of plush sports characters. They are not based on real sports players; they are just cool, cute, and original. The best part is that they are customized with a kid’s name and favorite number on the back. Softjox’s first release are football players. I honestly didn’t expect my 5-year-old daughter to be all that interested in this product, but, when I received Lena’s personalized plush in the mail, I saw how cute and soft he was, and I thought, “Hey, at least she’ll get a kick out of this. It’s got her name on it!”

When I brought it home to her, her mouth dropped open. She hugged it and was so excited that it had her name on it. She named him Softjox, since “he can’t be named Lena because that’s my name, and it says Softjox on his front.” That was a month ago. To this day, Softjox goes to bed with her every night and comes down with her to snuggle on the couch every morning before school.

lena_softjoxWhen her brother, Henry, saw how much she loved Softjox, he decided he would steal it from her, which didn’t go over very well with Lena. So Henry received his very own Softjox, and now I’ve got two very happy kids.

Softjox’s first release is the football character in red, blue, green, or black and is available as either a 15- or 20-inch plush. The company says its next release will be a pink and purple soccer character designed to appeal to girls.