It seems like this year’s most unexpected fashion trend — facewear — is here to stay for a bit and now there’s a way for families to express themselves with custom designs that can be printed at home.

Wow! Stuff, the UK company behind cool toys such as last year’s Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak, recently launched a new line of patent-pending printable face masks that are now available in the U.S. thanks to Skyrocket.

SnapStyle Printable Masks are available in 2-, 4-, and 10-packs. Using a companion app and a regular inkjet printer, families can create their own masks using any image from a smartphone or other device using A4-sized sheets made of 100% percale cotton. The entire process takes around five minutes.

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“The printable face masks will allow people of all ages who have had their identity and individuality taken away by the necessity of wearing masks because of COVID-19 to express themselves in a positive, creative, and unique way,” says Nelo Lucich, co-founder and CEO of Skyrocket. “People will love to design and show off masks that replicate their face, coordinate with their outfit, or express their individual style. By making masks more personal and natural, SnapStyle printable face masks will hopefully lead to more people wearing face coverings and help reduce the transmission of COVID-19.”

You can find SnapStyle masks at select Walmart stores or online at Amazon.