Elenco’s SnapCircuits MyHome | Source: Elenco

Spark imagination this summer with Snap Circuits!

Elenco’s new Snap Circuits MyHome is the perfect toy to avoid that all-too-common summer slide. This toy hits the sweet spot — not only is it a genuinely fun toy to put together, but kids are also learning along the way.

Let’s not get our wires crossed: Snap Circuits MyHome is a STEM-authenticated, 60-part building toy designed for kids 8 and up. In line with Elenco’s goal to “learn by doing,” kids will learn how electricity flows through their own homes by building working circuits. It combines the big three — screen-free, educational, and fun!

Snap Circuits MyHome teaches about fuses and circuit breakers, security systems, generators, and of course, electricity. If your kid has ever wondered how light travels, or what happens when the power goes out, this is the toy for them. SnapCircuits are durable and snap together satisfyingly, perfect for little hands.

There is definitely a learning curve to Snap Circuits. As someone who isn’t typically STEM-minded, I had a hard time figuring out how to connect things and how to actually build the structure itself. Keep in mind that there are many parts to this toy, so it can take a little longer to put together than your average structure. Little ones may need some guidance from parents as they work through their projects.

Elenco’s SnapCircuits MyHome, featuring detailed instructions and finished circuit structure | Source: Elenco/the Toy Insider

However, Elenco thoughtfully provided detailed instructions that easily walk you through the process. The instruction booklet also includes 34 different projects kids can complete, with step-by-step instructions and detailed pictures.

Although Snap Circuits have a higher price point than most toys, I think the price is fair considering that kids can spend hours building and rebuilding their circuits. The options are endless. Each project also explains what kids are learning and why it’s important. For example, project seven teaches about overhead lights. At the end of the instructions, kids can read about why circuits demonstrate how electricity is used in their homes and what a short circuit even is.

Elenco’s SnapCircuit MyHome | Source: Elenco/the Toy Insider

When kids are done for the day, Snap Circuits are easy to put away. They snap apart and can be stored in their original box, and if you keep the inner plastic packaging, they fit neatly into their sections. Parents will love that clean-up is so simple — done in only a few seconds. And when it’s time to play again, SnapCircuits are ready to go, snapping together over and over again for unlimited fun.

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Snap Circuits are perfect for future engineers, architects, or kids who question everything. If you’re looking for a way to keep your kids entertained, educated, and engaged this summer, Snap Circuits MyHome is the toy for you.