Snap Ships

A new battle is coming to playrooms everywhere and it will be up to kids to determine which faction of warring pilots will come out victorious.

PlayMonster‘s Snap Ships is a new brand for kids ages 8 and up that combines action play and construction for an immersive play experience across a fully realized world that includes an animated series and companion app.

Snap Ships posits a future in which the world is under constant attack from an alien species known as The Komplex. Fighting the battle is The Forge, an elite team that pilots a fleet of versatile and specialized Snap Ships defense attack crafts. During their continuing conflict, The Forge discovers UJU tech, a mysterious creation left behind by an ancient civilization. When added to their Snap Ships, each craft is upgraded with incredible new powers and abilities.

Snap Ships

Beginning next month, kids can enjoy Snap Ships: Dawn of Battle, a new animated series from Wind Sun Sky Entertainment and executive producer Catherine Winder (Star Wars: The Clone WarsThe Angry Birds Movie, Super Dinosaur). Episodes will debut weekly on YouTube.

Finally, the free, interactive Snap Ships app is designed as a perfect companion to the toy line and animated series. Kids are invited to “Build to Battle” using the included digital building instructions for all of the core Snap Ships kits in addition to custom ships. Kids can also track their collection, prep ships for flight in AR, and test fire weapons. The app also brings the Snap Ships into kids’ homes in full size using AR. Video game industry vets Scott Pease and Jeff Swenty (Tony Hawk series, Guitar Hero, Call of Duty) invented Snap Ships and developed the app for iOS and Android.

At launch, the Snap Ships Fleet includes:

  • SV-51 Scout
  • Locust K.L.A.W. Stealth Craft
  • Sawfly K.L.A.W. Minelayer
  • Scythe AV-19 Tank
  • Sabre X-23 Interceptor
  • Scarab K.L.A.W. Interceptor
  • Scorpion K.L.A.W. Troop Dropper
  • Battle Set: Wasp K.L.A.W. Heavy Fighter and Falx SC-41 Escort
  • Gladius AC-75 Drop Ship
  • Trident ST-33 Gunship (Target Exclusive)

Snap Ships are available beginning today on Amazon. Families will find them soon at Target stores, and additional retailers will be added as we move toward the holiday season.