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Get ready for a cool, slimy adventure with prehistoric pals!

The latest addition to ZURU’s Dino Smasher series is an ice age-themed egg with more than 25 chilling surprises for kids ages 5 and up to discover. The fun begins when kids crack open the giant, blue egg, which they can put back together later and use as a storage unit. Like the past Smashers eggs, there is a large, buildable dinosaur or prehistoric mammal — called a “Smash-o-Saur” — inside. The pieces are hidden for kids to discover through five slimy and highly satisfying activities. This process is on the messy side: Parents may want to put down a tablecloth and have paper towels ready for slime and other gooey remnants!

Each egg has one of the three Smash-o-Saurs inside: a T. rex, a pterodactyl, or a woolly mammoth. To get started, kids must find the scratch map, a scratch-off sheet telling them what order to do the activities to unveil their Smash-o-Saur.

Source: ZURU

The first activity is a Blizzard Bomb, a blue bath bomb that kids drop in a tub or bucket of water, then let fizz out until the pieces of the dinosaur float to the top (which takes about three minutes). This is a very satisfying way to start because the bomb is relaxing to watch. And while the blue does dye the water, it will not stain white surfaces, so it is definitely bathtub safe.

Next up is the crystal slime, a basic, blue slime with pieces mixed in. The slime comes off the toy pieces pretty easily. At this point, kids might want to start building the toy, but parents should take the time to wash each part to get any excess slime off beforehand. The slime comes in a zip-lock bag, which means kids can store and play with it long after the building process is done!

The growing snow is the next activity: Kids pour water through a little hole in the top of the container to make fake snow grow, and it will keep growing until it fills up the ice-shaped box. Do not remove the larger lid until the snow has grown, so kids can dig around for the pieces.

After that comes stretchy snow, which is a denser version of the slime from before. Instead of just pulling it off the pieces, kids have to stretch it off. Kids can also keep this compound for future play by storing it in an included zip-lock bag.

Smashers Dino Ice Age Surprise Egg Stretchy Snow | Source: ZURU

Finally, the frozen slime is a hard block of slime that kids will smash by lightly throwing it on the floor or using their fingers to break it and reveal the pieces.

Once kids have finished all the activities and the pieces are clean, assembling the Smash-o-Saur is simple and takes about 20 minutes. Assembled, the toy moves its head when kids press the tail, and it pairs well for play with other ZURU Dino Smashers.

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The fun does not end there, though: The egg also includes six mini, smashable eggs that open up to reveal collectible ice age creatures that range from triceratops to wolves. Kids can rebuild each mini-egg with the rebuilder egg base that’s included in the set and re-smash them. Since there are six mini-eggs, each set has a more significant chance of getting a rare mini-figure (I got one rare character out of the six in my egg).

The multiple activities, surprise reveals, and sensory play all add to the experience of unboxing this egg. The multiple layers keep it fun for longer and, for just being $24.99, this egg holds a lot!