Choo choo! The final boarding call to enter the SmartMax My First Animal Train has been announced!

This adorable train set, from Smart Toys & Games, comes with 25 pieces for kids to create a full moving four-car train. Kids will build this magnetic, moving train, and bring a conductor and three animals along for the ride.

The set comes with seven train pieces to connect with seven magnetic click-on bars, three magnetic balls to connect the train cars together, a conductor, and three animals (a lion and two elephants). These colorful pieces are bright and bold, and are large and chunky, perfect for little hands. The train is made from plastic, and the animal pieces are made from a sturdy silicone-type material, so these are very kid-friendly pieces.

The larger click-on bars are meant to attach the parts of the train together, and the smaller ones are to attach each side of the animal together. If kids are like me—and are so excited that they start building the train without reading the directions first—then it’s doesn’t take much effort to pop the bars out and put them in the right place, but I would recommend for Mom or Dad to help the very little ones.

All of the magnetic pieces click together easily, so this set is also an early and safe way to introduce kids to magnets for the first time. The instructions are color-coded, which will let kids know which pieces will connect to each other, and which won’t. For example, a red and a blue bar will click together, but an orange and a yellow won’t.

While the youngest kids ages 18 months and up will enjoy learning about their first animals and making the train chug all around town, older kids will spend hours playing with and coming up with all types of adventures for their new animal friends. All of the animals can be driven around in the train, or they can drive each train separately.

This train set will inspire open-ended, imaginative play from the time kids set out on their first train adventure, to connecting them to all of their other SmartMax magnetic sets. All aboard!