Fancy a game of catch but don’t want to do it the old fashioned way? Grab a friend and play catch in a whole new light with Sling Stix, from YULU.

The game comes with a bouncy ball, a green Sling Stix, and an orange Sling Stix. Each of the Stix has a suction cup on one end, and a trigger on the other end. The suction cup sticks to the ball, so the idea is to catch the ball by having it land right on the suction cup, which will attach it to the Sling Stix. To throw the ball, press the trigger to release it from the suction cup, and sling it through the air to the other player. The other player will attempt to catch it with the suction cup end of their Sling Stix, and so on and so forth to play a game of catch.

Play is designed for two people, but if you purchase more than one package, you could easily make it a group game, or even a monkey in the middle situation.

It takes some practice to get the hang of it, but once you do, it’s easy to get a nice back and forth going. While it’s made for kids ages 6 and up, young kids may have a bit of difficulty mastering the technique as it requires some motor skills—but it’s easy for them to master eventually. It’s all about slinging the ball at the perfect angle to create a nice arch that will make it easy for your partner to catch. Once you become a pro, then you can start slinging at fancy angles, or from farther away to challenge yourself and your partner.

It’s an outdoor game for sure because if you miss the catch, the ball will go flying through the house, and possibly through a window, or picture frame, or Mom’s favorite vase. The ball itself is bouncy, not hard, but when it’s flying at high velocities, it will likely knock things over. Parents will be thrilled to get their kids off the couch and participating in active play while they’re out of school.

So get outside this summer, Sling Stix in hand, and start slinging. But beware—you may never go back to plain old regular catch again.