SlimySand Aqua Splash 1.5-pound Bucket in pink | Source: Horizon Group USA/the Toy Insider

If you ever need to remember the criteria for an addicting compound, it’s the four s’s: squish, shape, squeeze, and stretch. SlimySand Aqua Splash embodies all four with a new party trick — kids can play with it in and out of water!

SlimySand, made for kids ages 5 and up by Horizon Group USA, is one of my favorite compounds. It has the texture of and shapes like play sand, but it stretches like Horizon’s signature Slimygloop compound, giving that satisfying crumbling feeling while it all stays together. The new Aqua Splash version of the play sand is available in 1.5-pound buckets in bright pink or neon blue colors, which kids can stretch and mold in and out of water.

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SlimySand Aqua Splash 1.5-pound Buckets in pink and blue | Source: Horizon Group USA

Normally, kids need to be careful about not getting their compounds wet to avoid changing their consistency, but SlimySand Aqua Splash encourages water play. Kids can grab a bucket or a bowl and fill it with water to begin molding, stretching, slicing, and crushing handfuls of the compound underwater. Pro tip: Avoid playing in pools, bathtubs, or sinks to avoid any potential drainage issues.

The water-resistant sand won’t fall apart or dissolve during playtime, and it will hold its shape when kids use the included molds. The typical soothing, satisfying, and addicting ASMR qualities of compounds are multiplied underwater because the water adds an extra layer of texture. The imaginative play possibilities really shine with this toy as kids get to build an underwater landscape or create their own under-the-sea world.

Best of all, Aqua Splash is reusable. When play is over, kids can wring all of the water out, let it air dry, and store it in a bag to use again next time.

SlimySand Aqua Splash is a blast to play with in or out of water. Get yourself a compound that will do both.