RIP to all the drones that lay on top of sheds, in gutters, or are literally MIA.

Even the most advanced drone flyers face challenges as they try to prevent their drone from flying out of their vantage points. One slight slip of the thumb, and who knows where that drone is headed? Well, not anymore.

Skyrocket extended its collection of high-tech drones to introduce the white and black Sky Viper v2450 GPS, and—that’s right—it has built-in GPS capabilities.

This savvy drone uses a network of satellites to determine its position in relation to its coordinates, and stays on the correct path without drifting away. This model is smarter than the average drone and will never wander too far out of sight during flight.

Best yet, the Sky Viper Flight Stimulator app lets kids practice maneuvers and fly techniques before they put their skills to work. Once they have mastered their flight performance in the stimulator, they’ll be ready to command the flight of the drone with the R/C.

Speaking of the R/C, this design is easy for kids to use and comes with a mount for a smartphone. To fly, pilots use one finger and a single joystick, or they can maintain a simple hover in the air without any hands on the controller.

Another feature that sets this Sky Viper drone apart from the rest, is the high tech Return to Home function. In true E.T. style, the drone will fly back home with the push of a button. The GPS features allow it to keep track of its route, and then fly back to its launch point and land once kids press the Return button on the R/C. No chasing or frantically pushing buttons required.

With Sky Rocket’s newest edition to the Sky Viper collection, kids can ensure that their drones stay close to home and never veer too far away. Once they are ready to land, they can let the hardware do all the work. To quote the great Bon Jovi, “Who says you can’t go home?”