lets_imagine_elmo_lifestyleLittle ones are still crazy about Elmo whether they’re watching him on Sesame Street in his own segment Elmo the Musicalplaying with Elmo toys and plush, or both! Let’s Imagine Elmo is Hasbro’s newest Playskool Elmo pal that invites kids ages 2 to 4 to sing, count, and play along with Elmo as he introduces a variety of fun games.

Let’s Imagine Elmo comes equipped with three different hats that all unlock special play modes when put on Elmo’s head. Kids can put on Elmo’s cowboy hat to play “Counting Cowboy,” his crown to play “Playful Prince,” or his captain’s hat to play “Singing Sea Captain.” Each interactive mode encourages kids to adventure along with Elmo or kids can choose to tap into their imaginations and play their own ways. It also allows for great imaginative play, both with Elmo’s different hats and the specific games that each one prompts.

No matter how kids decide to play, they’ll always be rewarded for their efforts with fun songs and laughter, which is important for kids of a young age. Even when Elmo isn’t wearing a hat, he still loves to get bounced around, tickled, and squeezed by kids. He features buttons for kids to press on his tummy and on his nose and Elmo counts up to 20.

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