Moose Toys - Shopkins 12 Pack In PackageShopkins, from Moose Toys, are a range of 148 grocery store-themed characters for kids to collect, share, and trade. I love how the Shopkins come packaged with a shopping bag and a hand basket, which can be used to tote around lots of Shopkins friends. Shopkins are categorized by their location in the grocery store, such as toiletries, fruits, vegetables, frozen foods, and bakery items. Kids can add to their collection with play sets such as the Fruit and Veg Stand, the Spin Mix Bakery Stand, and the Small Mart. The mystery Shopkins surprise in the 12-Pack really adds to the fun—kids can see 10 of the Shopkins in the package, along with four shopping bags and a basket, but inside the basket are two blind-packed Shopkins.

Kids love to collect things, and Shopkins provide the perfect way to build a collection and get additional play value with accessories. The characters are small, colorful, and cute. Some of my favorites include Toof the toothbrush, Lippy Lips the lipstick, D’lish Donut, and Cupcake Queen, from the limited-edition group. Limited-edition, rare, and ultra-rare classified Shopkins, such as the Golden Shopkin, add an additional layer of fun to the range, encouraging kids to collect as many as they can while they’re still available.

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