Glitter, Unicorns, and bows — oh my. 

The Shimmer Stars Pet collection from KD Kids has it all. It includes easy-to-use shimmers, an application wand, and a comb to remove the decorations when you’re all done playing dress-up

The box is a bit difficult to unravel, and some pieces may get lost along the way, so make sure you open it carefully and exercise some patience. Parents should also have scissors on hand when getting the toy ready. Note: Instructions are hidden inside of the box, so be sure not to snip too much! The included wand acts as storage for the shimmers and an application tool for decorating. Helpful hint: There is clear plastic tape around the edges; be sure to snip that first to make opening a bit easier on yourself.

Once everything is set up, kids can use the stick part of the wand to pick up the shimmers. Next, they’ll move the shimmer to the plush fur and click the magic button to secure the shimmer and have allll the decorating fun! Shimmers can be attached to any hair type, too, not just fur!

Kids can also borrow accessories from their plush pal! There’s a hair tie bow, a scrunchie tutu, and a collar — each of which doubles as a bracelet. Parents should keep the scissors handy because the accessories are sewed onto the pet. A headband is included with each pet, and kids also get add-ons, such as puppy ears or a unicorn horn, depending on which animal they have.

Besides some glitter from the tutu and the chance of a fallen shimmering star, the cleanup from this toy is relatively simple. It’s a soft, stylish pal that offers a great outlet for creativity. Kids can choose between a puppy, panda, cat, and unicorn to become their new best friend.