The latest doll craze is here.

Inspired by Japanese culture, Hunter Products’ Shibajuku Girls are beautiful, trendy dolls that combine both the styles of the eclectic Japanese pop culture and Harajuku fashion. The dolls have soft, delicate details, innocent features, and a unique design with a creative edge.

Each doll has her own unique personality, which is apparent based on the different funky styles that they wear. They stand 13 inches tall and have an impressive 11 points of articulation, with joints that move so smoothly that I was pleasantly surprised. They also hold their poses very well.

The stand out feature, of course, are the doll’s big, beautiful eyes. Their glass eyes are surrounded by real, full, luscious eye lashes, and they look a lot more realistic since they’re not painted on like your typical doll.

Shibajuku Girls are any doll lover’s dream for ultimate hair play. Each doll has tons of long hair to braid, try out different hair styles, or accessorize—you name it. If only I had hair as gorgeous as these dolls, I would be the luckiest girl in the world!

Want to be trendy like them? Lucky for all fans out there, each doll comes with four quirky hair clip accessories that kids can also wear. #winning.

With five dolls in Wave 1, there’s a style for everyone. Shizuka is quiet, smart, and kind. She has two different colored eyes and loves to accessorize, and dreams of becoming a fashion designer. She wears pink knee-high socks, pink shows, a pink dress, and a white cardigan. Yoko wears all black (my kind of style!) and dons half pink and half purple hair. She is a guitar player who dreams of becoming a writer one day. Suki rocks pink hair with blue streaks, and has an outfit that has every color of the rainbow in it. Her dress features ruffles and lots of polka dots. Namika is a lover of all books, and loves to accessorize with sparkles. Her hair is tied in adorable pig tails and has bangs. Koe, the animal lover, has wavy, blonde hair and rocks an adorable animal themed hoodie with a cheetah print skirt and knee-high socks.

Shibajuku Girls are great, high quality dolls with lots of color and sparkle. Wave 2 of Shibajuku Girls is also available now, including the popular dolls featured in Wave 1, but with all new looks!

Shibajuku Girls recently hosted a design contest for fans of the dolls to submit sketches for an outfit in the Shibajuku Girl. The design panelists chose five finalists, and fans have a chance to vote on their favorite sketch until April 7. Shibajuku Girls will then announce the winning sketch on April 10. Click here to vote!