Moose Toys is inviting us to become the pop stars we’ve always dreamed of being, and it’s totally awesome.

SelfieMic is a combination selfie stick and microphone that works with an accompanying app to let kids create music videos to their favorite songs.

The SelfieMic itself is super easy to use. Simply slide your device into the selfie stick, and decide if you want to do a solo or group performance. Solo artists can plug the SelfieMic into the headphone jack of their device and attach the included earpiece into a port in the microphone. Group performances don’t require any plugging in, just select a song and sing your hearts out. The sound quality is best when the SelfieMic is in solo mode, but group performances are so much fun that both are great options.

The real magic happens in the app itself. Go to the Apple or Android app store and download StarMaker. Once you give the app permission to use your device’s camera and microphone, you are ready to perform. The first step is to select a song. StarMaker has most of today’s hit artists, like Taylor Swift and Drake, as well as some fun throwbacks. Some of the downloads are free, while others can be purchased with tokens. A SelfieMic user gets a few tokens to start when they download StarMaker, and more tokens are earned with each video future pop-stars create. Users also have the option to become a VIP member, which gives them exclusive access to all of StarMaker‘s 3 million songs. Plus, the app has plenty of free songs, especially if you choose to download just the hook section of some of your favorites.

For those of us lacking perfect pitch, StarMaker features awesome autotune, as well as fun filters to give your music video a funky feel. When you’re ready to launch into your next big hit, tap record and watch as the words to the song pop up on the bottom of the screen karaoke style, so no worries if you’ve been saying the words to one of your radio favorites wrong this entire time.

After your video is complete, you can play it back and save the video within the app. Make sure you have plenty of memory space on your device so you can save all of your great performances (and the laughably bad ones) for future viewing pleasure.

And what good is a new hit single without the option to share it with your friends? Well SelfieMic has that covered, too. StarMaker alos serves as a musical community, where users can share their videos, both silly and serious, with other app users. The app is automatically set to private, so any videos you create will be private unless the settings are changed, giving parents the discretion of what their kids share.

SelfieMic should probably come with a giggle warning on the box, especially for group performances. It’s a great way to find out if you’re destined to be the next Justin Bieber or if you and your friends will be the next One Direction. Or, it’s a great way to find out that you should stick to slumber-party jam sessions. Click here for reference.