Scribble Scrubbie Peculiar Pets Cloud Clubhouse Playset | Source: Crayola

Whether your kid is more into traditional pets like dogs and cats or fantastic creatures like unicorns, Crayola has you covered with its creative new Scribble Scrubbie sets.

At the Toy Insider, we are long-term Scribble Scrubbie stans. But if you’ve never heard of these crafty kits before, Scribble Scrubbies are super cute playsets that feature flocked animal figurines that kids ages 3 and up can color, wash, and color again. Every year, Crayola comes out with some new travel-friendly versions complete with fresh pets for kids to decorate however they like. And this year, things are getting a bit peculiar.

The Scribble Scrubbie Peculiar Pets Cloud Clubhouse Playset will send kids on a magical, creative adventure. The cloud-and-rainbow-themed carry case opens up to reveal a rainbow slide, a magic mirror, a rain scoop, a rain cloud, and a washtub. Kids can use the included yellow, pink, and blue markers to color in the light pink Uni-Owl and light blue Uni-Koala, then seat them in the tub, and pour water through the rain cloud for a magical, mystical washing experience.

Source: Crayola

The Scribble Scrubbie Pets Backyard Bungalow Playset opens to reveal a ball, a slide, a tub, and a scrub brush. And while this set is a little more conventional than the Cloud Clubhouse, it still has some magic of its own: fruit-scented markers! Kids can color in the dog and cat figurines using three sweet, fruit-scented markers in blue, yellow, and orange.

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Both new Scribble Scrubbie playsets fit right in with the rest of the Scribble Scrubbie collection. They give kids a creative play experience, while also allowing them to role play and dream up imaginative scenarios using all of the fun accessories and environments the sets provide. The sets also offer tons of repeat play. Kids can decorate their figures, display them, play with them, wash them, and then come up with something entirely new. It’s a ton of play value for $14.99.

Scribble Scrubbie playsets also all work together, so kids can build up an entire zoo’s worth of animals to get creative with. And while the sets include a few markers, kids can use Crayola Ultra Washable markers that might already be on hand. The playsets easily fold shut and all of the pieces store inside, plus they have a little handle on top so kids can take them on the go to create anywhere.

The Scribble Scrubbie Peculiar Pets Cloud Clubhouse and Backyard Bungalow playsets help kids get creative on the go or at home. These take-along kits combine crafts with role-play fun for an affordable, enjoyable experience that kids will love.