Why wait until college to figure out what you’d like to do with your life? Kids can start early with Scientific Explorer Veterinary Science.

With this set from Alex Brands, kids can learn what it takes to become a veterinary physician and how the profession helps animals. Made for kids ages 6 and up, the kit comes with five different activities, including creating a cat anatomy chart and molding a plaster puppy to learn how to cast. It comes with animal posters, plastic tools, molds, a beaker, and more to get kids started on their vet adventure.

Right out of the box, kids will learn about day-to-day tasks a vet does, in addition to all of the biology behind all of the activities they will complete. Because kids are learning without realizing it—from bandaging fractures, examining x-rays, and practicing suturing—this set is great for aspirational play, essential for imaginative and role-play.

After learning about what a vet does and reading their oath, kids can dive in and complete one of the five activities. They will learn the anatomy of a cat (plus some really cool facts about them, like how the record for the largest litter birthed was 19 kittens), and create a poster with organs, a skeleton, and more. Kids will also simulate x-ray and sonograms with red and blue lenses that reveal the insides of animals on four different posters, including a horse, snake, dog, and mouse. Each lens reveals a different part of that animals’ insides, which are also labeled.

Kids will also make gelly ticks and learn how to tie sutures using four different techniques—which tbh, is really impressive. But perhaps my favorite part is molding a dog and then creating a cast for it. Kids will make a dog using plaster, and then create a bandage for the wounded pup. In addition, the instructions booklet also includes additional information for kids to read about, such as the difference between pests and parasites and how they can be harmful to household pets.

Scientific Explorer Veterinary Science helps kids get vet smart as they learn the science behind what it takes to become a veterinarian.