Maybe she’s barn with it. Maybe it’s neigh-belline.

All the pretty horses and handsome studs are ponying their way over to the Horse Club Riding Centre, from Schleich.

Quit horsing around! The barn comes disassembled, so the first step is to build it. It’s designed for ages 5 to 12 but younger kids will likely need a helping hand to put it all together because it’s a bit of a process, and it’s quite a decent size in the end.

Push each piece into place with a satisfying click. If a piece isn’t matching up, it’s probably just facing the wrong direction. Just flip it around and try again until it clicks into place.

Once completed, the barn is incredibly detailed, with beige paneling, and pink and olive green doors that really open, with latches that really lock. There are wooden stables that open for horses to walk in and out, with little hay feeders and water bowls attached. The center aisle of the barn is lined with cobblestone, flower planters hang from the windowsills, and roof has translucent skylights that open and close.

The roof is removable for an easier way for children to play inside, and the detached roof can be set up in an alternative way without the rest of the barn to create an open riding arena. The detachable fences can be connected in any way kids want – either attached to the sides of the barn, or on their own to create separate stables that make the play area even larger.

The set comes with a rider and two horses, plus accessories like a saddle, hay bales, grooming tools, and treats like apples and carrots, because horses get hungry too. There’s a sticker sheet for extra detailing and personalization, including prize ribbons for those award-winning ponies.

Schleich makes additional Horse Club products to add on as extensions to the barn to give the horses even more space to run around, and tons of different collectible animals for kids to add to their growing farms.

It’s not just another dog and pony show at this luxurious barn.