PeaceableKingdom.SayTheWord2Say the Word, a repeat-after-me memory game by Peaceable Kingdom will have friends and family members saying tons of silly sentences. This cooperative game—meaning players must work together instead of against each other in order to win—asks players to each add sentences to an ongoing story based on the zany characters and wacky words they draw from the stack. If this sounds simple, it’s not! The challenge gets harder and harder as the story goes on, because each time a player adds on a new sentence, he or she must repeat the story out loud starting from the very beginning.

Each round brings a ton of laughter as players help each other out to remember the whole thing. If a player is stumped on a word, the other players are allowed to charade it to him or her—which sometimes ends up being more funny than helpful.

The set includes 200 word cards, 19 character cards, 16 challenge cards, and five clue tokens, as well as game boards that players can write on with the included dry erase pen. With an extensive variety in playing cards, no two rounds are alike, keeping the stories fresh and fun from the first time kids (or adults) play, to the millionth.

Say the Word is intended for players ages 10 to adult, which is definitely a fair age range. Even with the help from a parent or an older sibling the game may still be too challenging for younger kids—but, that doesn’t mean they can’t help keep the game moving and share in the laughter along the way.