The world-renowned guardian in a sailor suit makes a graceful comeback in Viz Media‘s HD re-release of her first feature film, Sailor Moon R: The Movie.

The movie is based on the classic show that follows the adventures of Usagi Tsukino and her friends—Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Minako—who transform into the Sailor Guardians to fight evil and protect the Earth. A romantic date to a botanical garden between Usagi and her boyfriend Mamoru Chiba aka Tuxedo Mask—with Usagi’s friends tagging along—is interrupted by a mysterious figure from Mamoru’s past named Fiore. After attacking innocent civilians and taking out the Sailor Guardians, Fiore kidnaps Mamoru and threatens to cover the Earth with deadly alien flowers that will eliminate all life. Sailor Moon and the Sailor Guardians must travel into space to rescue Mamoru and protect their home planet from Fiore’s clutches.

This animated film serves well as both a nostalgic revisit for veteran fans of Sailor Moon and a proper introduction for newcomers. The classic transformations and gorgeous animation prevalent throughout the movie are re-vitalized in this HD remaster, making it feel as though one were watching it for the first time. Emotional backstories and fun dialogue are perfectly complemented with the graceful action scenes that the Guardians are known for.

Furthermore, the brand-new English dub retains the characters’ Japanese names and maintains the original plot, unlike the heavily edited initial English release. This faithfulness to the source material is perfect for newer audiences who want a genuine version of this first movie and also creates a brand-new, refreshing experience even for those who are already familiar with Sailor Moon’s adventures. As a longtime Sailor Moon fanatic, it was a pleasure to get reacquainted with some childhood heroes who were presented in a completely new light. If the English dub doesn’t suit your fancy, Japanese audio and English subtitles are available.

For those who want to delve deeper in the world of Sailor Moon, the DVD’s special features include a short film that introduces each of the Sailor Guardians and a special Q&A with the new English cast about their roles in the movie and their experiences growing up with Sailor Moon. The film contains minor language and some mature images, so older viewers might want to look out for any younger children watching.

The Sailor Moon R: The Movie re-release is proof that this classic series still packs a punch as it will definitely excite new fans and remind older ones of how awesome the Sailor Guardians are.