Now, kids can build and traverse their own town with the help of some Sago Mini pals.

Toca Boca and Sago Mini introduce a new downloadable app for toddlers and preschoolers called Sago Mini Town. Inspired by classic city-building playmats, this adorable new mobile game allows kids to interact with a virtual city that they can create themselves.

Kids can choose between four different locations—a carrot house, a big city, a home with a treehouse, and a beach. Once there, they’ll meet up with one of four characters: Jack the Rabbit resides in the carrot house, Jinja the Cat scopes out the hustle and bustle of the big city, Robin the Bird perches about at the treehouse, and Harvey the Dog takes a beach vacation.

This is where imagination takes over and kids are encouraged to tell their own stories using Sago Mini Town. While each character starts off on a small island in the water, players can drag and drop from a set of five different “story tiles” to place on their island, creating a bigger and better space. Each panel does something different. Grassy panels add houses and apartments, stone panels add buildings and stores, roads can create new paths, dirt panels grow plants and fruits, and sand panels create palm trees and beach items. When a new panel is placed down, it can also add more panels along with it, allowing kids to expand their towns even further. Players can even plop a panel in the middle of the ocean and see what panels pop up. If players extend their city far enough, they may run into unique panels such as spooky caves and a rocket ship. They may even run into other Sago Mini characters while creating their cities.

Kids can also drag and drop the chraracters on any panel, creating different situations. If a character is placed in front of a fruit tree, they’ll start eating that fruit. If they’re put on a road panel, they’ll appear in a little car. With no limit on how far a town can go, the possibilities are endless.

Sago Mini Town is a unique game that’s perfect for young kids. There are no specific instructions, but the game is simple enough that kids can dive right in as soon as they start it up. Parents may want to teach their kids how the game works in case they don’t get the hang of it, so the start screen has a special “For Parents” guide that parents and caretakers can use to prepare their kids to get the most out of the game. With no set rules or time constraints, kids can explore the open-ended play and create at their own pace. Kids can also tell their own stories using the characters and sceneries they create, so the game is incredibly helpful for nurturing creativity and imagination in young kids.

In Sago Mini Town, kids can become city-planners, explorers, and storytellers all while having virtual fun.