sago mini

Playtime is coming directly to your front door!

Sago Mini, a toy manufacturer known for its popular mobile apps and toys, jumps into the subscription box fun with a new box made just for preschoolers.

The box, designed for kids ages 3-5, includes different creative activities and toys inspired by Sago Mini. Boxes — currently available — are packed with hands-on, make-and-play activities, collectibles, and letters from the Sago Mini characters. These subscriptions offer kids an assortment of toys for endless hours of imaginative and educational play. Products inside each box encourage open-ended play and discovery as kids build confidence, imagination, and creativity.

sago mini

“The Sago Mini Box makes it easy to promote play-based learning at home and it’s the perfect complement to our digital toy,” said Stephanie Lemoine, toy design director at Sago Mini, in a statement. “As a parent and a designer, I am so excited to share our vision for a product that kids and parents can look forward to every month.”

Subscribers will receive a new box each month with a different theme with a letter from a Sago Mini character and three easy-to-assemble, “make-and-play” activities. Themes include zoos, tools, farms, and fairytales.