Ryan’s World Super Spy Giant Egg | Source: Bonkers Toys

Ryan’s World keeps getting bigger, which means there’s always more to explore!

Now, kids can go undercover with Agent Ryan on top-secret, code-cracking missions with the Ryan’s World Super Spy Giant Egg from Bonkers Toys! Exclusive to Amazon, this set comes with a host of collectible spy figures, vehicles, and decoding games to bring out the espionage expert in kids ages 3 and up.

The 11-inch egg includes six codebreaker cards, four spy-themed figures with accessories, a secret spinner, and a hovercraft vehicle. The vehicle features Combo Panda’s face and has spinnable fans on the four jets attached to its base. Inside the base, there is a seating area with two prongs that attach to the feet of any included figure, so kids can fasten their figures securely in the hovercraft as they fly it around their play area. Each 3-inch figure is a mystery Ryan’s World character decked out in spy gear, including Big Gil, Alpha Lexa, Gus the Gummy Gator, Moe the Monster, and more. No two eggs or figures are the same!

Contents of the Ryan’s World Super Spy Giant Egg | Source: Bonkers Toys

The figures come with their own spy accessories, too, such as walkie-talkies or grappling-hook pistols. Each character also shows off their own top-secret spy card in the shape of a file folder. Kids can use the secret spinner decoder (which has an inner and outer alphabet) to crack the messages written on the cards and reveal the names of each agent. To use the spinner, kids must line up the inner alphabet letter to the outer letter listed on the card, then follow along the wheel to decode the message. They can even create their own secret messages using the spinner and challenge their family and friends to a spy-tastic decryption game!

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Kids should be on the lookout for rare, ultra-rare, and eggsclusive toys that are only available in the Giant Super Spy Mystery Egg, such as Robo Chrome Shelldon or Red White Combo Panda. The Ryan’s World Super Spy Egg also comes in a micro version exclusive to Amazon, which features an 8-inch egg with a Packrat figure, two spy figures, three spy baby figures, a secret spinner, and six codebreaker cards.

The Ryan’s World Super Spy Giant Egg is a whole lot of snooping, spying, and sneaking fun for secret agents in training!