Get ready to shred up the skate park with kids’ favorite Ryan’s World character, Combo Panda.

Kids can show off their skateboard skills with this Ryan’s World Skateboard Stunt R/C —Combo Panda, from Jada Toys.  For those not familiar with the lineup of Ryan’s World characters, Combo Panda is the hardcore gamer panda from the wildly popular YouTube series Ryan ToysReview. While many of the other characters in the world are targeted to preschoolers, Combo Panda helps the Ryan’s World family expand to older kids as well.

The R/C features a 9-inch tall Combo Panda figure, who is just as sturdy and durable as the R/C skateboard itself. The figure is pretty highly detailed, featuring the likeness of the YouTube character, complete with his headset. It doesn’t detach from the R/C — so kids can’t play with it on its own — but the R/C can do 360-degree spins and pop wheelies. If your Combo Panda R/C crashes — as it inevitably will with a preschooler behind the wheel — it can right itself up and be ready to drive again.

Each R/C skateboard comes with a handheld controller, which just like the R/C itself, is bright and chunky, perfectly designed for little hands.

Pop a wheelie and spin into skateboarding fun with the Skateboard Stunt R/C — Combo Panda.