Move over, 007, there’s a new spy in town, and he’s got gizmos and gadgets aplenty. 

Super Spy Ryan is leaping off the screen and into the toy box, with the most incredible unboxing experience from Bonkers Toys yet. With Ryan’s World Super Spy Ryan’s Mystery Mission Case, kids ages 3 and up can not only enjoy opening tons of surprises inspired by their favorite YouTube star, but they can also load up on spy gear for their next covert mission. 

While most unboxing toys feature novelty items like stickers, slimy packets, and a figure or two, this Mystery Mission Case has even more to offer, giving kids fun role-play toys to kick imaginations into high gear. Kids can decode secret messages, uncover a hidden key, and unlock secret compartments to discover tons of Ryan-themed toys. In addition to a few exclusive mystery figures, kids will find goggles, a working flashlight, and — my personal favorite — two wrist-communicators. 

The communicators work like walkie-talkies, letting kids communicate with each other from separate rooms. The flashlight will even let kids explore dark spaces while they pretend to engage in spy activities, and the goggles make them really look the part of a spy. Kids will even love reusing the case itself to hide treasures of their own inside. 

Parents will love how much play value is packed into this set. The Mystery Mission Case goes so far beyond the traditional unboxing experience, incorporating tons of imaginative play elements, and setting the scene for some pretty memorable adventures — especially while kids are stuck at home.

So, are your kids up for a mission with Ryan?