Walk down one toy aisle and it’ll be clear: It’s Ryan’s World and we’re all just living in it.

If you don’t know YouTube star Ryan of Ryan ToysReview — and, truly, I’m not sure how you don’t — let me catch you up. Ryan is the 7-year-old star that has more than 30 billion video views and more than 18 million subscribers. Bonkers Toys partnered with pocket.watch last year to introduce a line of toys featuring characters from the YouTube channel, as well as Ryan himself. Now, this year, they’ll expand with new toys, including the Ryan’s World Build-a-Ryan EGGstravaganza.

With this new addition to the line, kids can build and create their own Ryan’s World figures. The eggs are packaged in a crate, of course, and filled with Build-a-Ryan components that kids can mix and match to build their characters.

This Ryan’s World Build-a-Ryan EGGstravaganza combines everything kids love about watching Ryan’s YouTube videos: the characters they love and the surprise of unboxing the figure components in a fun and unique way.

Each set comes with enough pieces to make three complete figures, which may include Red Titan, Robo Ryan, and Combo Panda, but the best part is that kids can really explore their creativity and mix up the pieces to make their own characters. Because kids can mix and match pieces, it allows for a much longer amount of playtime because they can build their figures however they want — and perhaps start making videos of their own.

And you never know — you may have your own budding YouTube star in your house!