A beloved board game is getting a makeover just in time for sweater weather!

As winter approaches, families are looking for creative and fun ways to spend their time indoors, especially in times of social distancing and temperature changes. Goliath Games is putting a sophisticated spin on the classic Rummikub game with the new Rummikub Onyx version.


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The new edition features black tiles with brightly colored engraved numbers for the first time ever in the game. The dark design practically begs families to play it while wrapped up in blankets with the fireplace lit. It adds a fun element to the classic Rummikub game while the rules and regulations stay the same. 

In the game, 2-4 players take turns laying down tiles in Rummy-style moves to create like-groups of tiles until one player gets rid of all their tiles, becoming the victor. Rummikub Onyx is designed for kids ages 8 and up and is perfect for the whole family to play together.

Rummikub Onyx launches on Amazon on Oct. 31.