After 40 years of trying to solve that mysterious Rubik’s Cube, we’re pretty excited to get a peek at the secrets behind it.

Rubik’s is launching an official app that uses a high-tech phone camera and artificial intelligence processing to help YOU solve those 3D puzzles. The app tracks the real-life Rubik’s Cube and uses an on-screen video to “paint” arrows on the Cube’s tiles via augmented reality to help teach users how to solve it through the screen. Users can also use the app’s audio and visual clues to improve their Rubik’s abilities and solve the puzzle in record times.

The app also gives users a choice between learning to solve the Cube in either the simplest way possible, which is called the Rubik’s method, or the fastest way, which typically takes just 20 moves. This means both beginners and experts can use the app to pick up tips and impress their friends.

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Kids can also use the app to play games with a virtual Rubik’s Cube in different sizes (2×2, 3×3, 4×4, or 5×5), which they can solve by swiping the screen. The app keeps track of solving times and users can share the information digitally to show the world their masterful Cube skills.

The Rubik’s Official Cube app is initially launching on IOS on Sept. 1.