The Roll ‘n Gears Car, from Playskool, is a compact stow-and-go toy for kids ages 1 and up. I love the fact that it’s super portable—perfect for parents to bring along on errands, car trips, and more. Its narrow design makes it easy to store, and its adorable domed shape reminds me of a Volkswagen Beetle. The car is a vibrant green color with five brightly colored gears for kids to play with.

Three of the gears feature friendly, smiling faces that can be positioned in the “windows” of the car. The other two have whimsical swirls on them that are fun to watch as they spin. Kids can play with the car when it’s closed, and can have fun rolling it around as they would any play vehicle. It’s the right size for little hands to grip and maneuver.

When kids open the car by pressing and lifting the latch at the top, they have a whole new play pattern to enjoy. They can swap the gears’ positions around the car or stack them up. Kids can turn the center knob to watch all five gears spin around, or can spin one of the gears to get the same effect. The gears fit securely but simply into their slots, encouraging hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

Parents and caregivers are always looking for easy take-along toys that will keep little ones entertained, and more and more parents are looking to non-electronic toys to occupy their kids. The Roll ‘n Gears Car is the perfect solution, and both kids and adults will enjoy the features and play patterns that it offers.