The force is strong in these toys. With Rogue One: A Star Wars Story premiering this fall, Toy Insider Senior Editor Marissa DiBartolo stopped by Fox Business to show off some of the best new toys from the Star Wars universe. For more on the products featured in this segment, check out the product info below, and be sure to check out our complete holiday gift guide.

      hasbro_6inchjynStar Wars 6-Inch Black Series Jyn Erso figure (Hasbro)

  • Bring home the adventure from ROGUE ONE: ASTAR WARS STORY in impressive detail with STAR WARS: THE BLACK SERIES figures.
  • Outfitted with her 2 blaster accessories, this 6 inch Sergeant Jyn Erso figure from The Black Series features premium deco across multiple points of articulation and quality realism for iconic role play and ultimate collectability.
  • Each 6-inch scale figure features extensive articulation and realistic character design for the ultimate collector.
  • Ages: 4+
  • MSRP: $19.99
  • Available fall 2016: Toys “R” Us, Target, Amazon

star-wars-interactech-stormtrooper-figure_hasbroStar Wars Rogue One 12-Inch Interactech Stormtrooper (Hasbro)

  • With more than 65 different sound effects and phrases, the Interactech Imperial Stormtrooper figure uses a motion sensor to respond to specific movements.
  • Equip the figure with the included blaster accessory to hear battle sound effects, or have the figure engage in hand to hand combat for punching sounds!
  • Gear up figure with jetpack to initiate flight mode and hear amazing sound effects based on different motion-activated aerial maneuvers.
  • Ages: 4+
  • MSRP: $29.99
  • Available Sept. 30: Target, Toys “R” Us

jakks_bigfiggs_deathtrooperBIG-FIGS Massive Figures Darth Vader, Storm Trooper (Jakks Pacific)

  • BIG-FIGS action figures are available as 48-inch tall figures and include multiple points of articulation.
  • Most figures in the assortment also include soft capes and removable accessories.
  • The 31-inch figures also are available in Stromtrooper, K2-SO, and Death Trooper.
  • Ages: 3+
  • MSRP: $139.99
  • Available: Amazon


lego_assualttankLEGO Star Wars Rogue One Line (LEGO)

  • Bring the power of the Force to the whole family! Parents will also have a blast playing out iconic scenes and reliving their childhood.
  • The Imperial Assault Hovertank set has two minifigure cockpits and a rotating and elevating turret gun to target enemies of the Empire. Open the storage container, grab the blasters, and play out your own mini urban battles.
  • Additional sets include the TIE Striker set, K-2SO set, and more.
  • Children can keep the fun going long after the film is released by role playing with some of their favorite characters in LEGO minifigure form, including Baze Malbus, Chirrut Imwe, an Imperial Shoretrooper, or an Imperial Hovertank Pilot.
  • Ages: 9+
  • MSRP: $29.99—$69.99
  • Available: Amazon, Toys “R” Us,

sphero_specialeditionbb-8Sphero Special Edition Battle-Worn BB-8 the App-Enabled Droid with Force Band (Sphero)

  • Meet the Sphero BB-8, the app-enabled Droid from Star Wars, now with the Force Band that lets you control the droid with a wave of your hand. Based on your interactions, this toy shows many expressions in reaction to voice commands.
  • The Force Band fastens to your wrist and allows you to enhance your native Force powers.
  • After you’ve advanced beyond Droid Control, expand your abilities as BB-8 guides you through Force Training. Use the band by itself to complete Combat Training for Blasters, Lightsabers, and the Force itself, or uncover and collect digital holocrons in your environment with Force Awareness.
  • Included is a Battle-Worn BB-8, straight from the sands of Jakku. This Astromech Droid reflects the wear and tear of trekking across the galaxy on Resistance missions.
  • Ages: 8+
  • MSRP: $199.99
  • Available Sept. 30:, Bed Bath & Beyond