A rocking horse is a staple in the playroom, whether it’s brand new or a family heirloom. But Tek Nek Toys always ups the ante with their Rockin’ Rider line, which includes beautiful horses that feature movement and sound. However, sometimes it’s a little tough for our youngest riders to get the hang of a rocking horse, especially if they’re still mastering the concepts of sitting up and balancing.

New for this year is the Rockin’ Rider Tickles Baby Rocker, and it is so adorable I just want to hug it for 10 minutes straight. It’s a super soft stuff plush horse with brightly colored accents and a friendly smiley face.

Plus, it has plenty of sensory engagement going on—with a crinkly mane and rattles in both feet. If you press its left ear, you can hear the classic “I’m a Little Pony” song; press its right ear, and it’ll say one of six phrases and make horse sounds.

This rocking horse is perfect for baby because it also has a padded safety seat with a sturdy back that assists with sitting up and balance. It’s the perfect beginner rocker for babies as they gradually learn to hold themselves up. The wooden rocking base is sturdy, and has footsteps for a little extra help for little ones. Also, the wooden base has a nice, clean finish, so it’ll look nice in any room in your house, not just the playroom.

If you think Tickles is cute, you should also meet Giggles and Wiggles, the pink and green versions of Tickles. Each has bright colors and an appealing face that toddlers will absolutely adore.