While out on a walk with my kids, I recently noticed beautifully painted rocks placed around town in fun places.  With beautiful drawings and colors, I learned that rock painting is the latest way to bring someone joy.

The kids discovered a rock they thought it was cool. As we walked around more, we found more beautiful rocks.  They asked me if we could paint some rocks and leave them around town for others to find and discover, I said sure! Thankfully, Crayola just released a Rock Painting Kit to make this project even easier for me.

And so, our creative journey began! We found a few rocks around our home and got down to business. After we cleaned the rocks, we sat down to paint them. We picked colors that would stand out and pop for the base, and then came up with unique designs to customize each rock.

Between each layer, you have to let the paint dry and then add the glaze. This slight delay in the creative process allowed my kids to really think about how they wanted to embellish their rocks. We talked about lots of different things, but they really wanted their rocks to make people smile, so smiley faces were the big hit.

The kit also includes metallic markers. My son wanted his rock to shimmer, so he picked the metallic colors. We talked about leaving words on the rocks like “Hi,” “Happy,” “Smile,” “Joy,” and other words that make us happy. The kids also really loved painting pictures on the rocks, but I think that’s because they enjoyed all the different sized paintbrushes in the kit.

As we walked around town to leave our rocks in different areas, the kids would speculate who might find the rocks and if they would take or leave them. Of course, we also talked about being respectful of others property and leaving them in a general area.

I loved seeing the joy of this project from start to finish; from thinking of about what to create, to leaving them around town. It’s a great lesson in thinking of others and our community and we can’t wait to paint some more. How would you decorate your rock?