GrootPackageBack in 2013, we saw Groot—the lovable tree-like humanoid—sacrifice himself as the Dark Aster crash-landed on Xandar, subsequently hitting every actual human right in the feels.

Now, thanks to Jakks Pacific, Rock ’n Roll Groot is back as a flourishing little sprig ready to party with young and aspiring interplanetary police ages 4 and up. Packed with tunes from Awesome Mixtape Vol. 2, the set includes one Groot unit, a remote control cleverly styled like Peter Quill’s iconic “Awesome Mix” cassette tape, and four batteries pre-loaded into the young sapling himself. Two 1.5V batteries (which aren’t included) are also required to power the remote.GrootRock ‘n Roll Groot can be enjoyed in two modes. In listen mode, kids can place their energetic tree monster near a speaker and watch him dance to the songs they play. This feature lets kids sit back and enjoy the show as the unit’s speaker picks up the beat. Groot will bust some moves for about five seconds at a time before pausing and starting up again. And if he tips over, he’ll breakdance his way upright.

There is also a button on the remote that young ones can press to trigger four different “I am Groot” phrases while he gets his groove on. It’s technically the same phrase in four different inflections, but the subtle nuances between them stay true to Groot’s comic book and movie counterparts. RemoteKids can enjoy full control in manual mode, which puts the cassette tape remote in their hands. While the song “Flash Light” plays, Groot fans can press the buttons to make their friendly Flora colossus shimmy back and forth or spin around on the ground. Cosmic flashing lights within the base of the unit add to the galactic dance party.

Rock ‘n Roll Groot is super cute. That’s both a rhyme and a fact. He’s not kids’ typical R/C toy, but young Guardians will have a blast breaking it down with him.

Jakks Pacific’s Rock N’ Roll Groot is available this spring, just in time for the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 movie release on May 5.