Lunchables Racing | Source: Lunchables

Nothing tastes as good as victory feels … except, perhaps, Lunchables? Now, kids can have both in the virtual world of Lunchables Racing!

The snack-pack brand is teaming up with online game platform Roblox to create a digital racing game. In the game, kids can use iconic Lunchables ingredients — including ham, cheese, and crackers, of course — to customize their racing karts. Once their tasty vehicles are complete, racers can compete with other players in hopes of beating them to the finish line.

Lunchables Racing offers three tracks for players to choose from: the Moon Landing, Snack Valley, and Totally Tropical. While each vary in theme, all of the courses remain consistent in their edibility, as they’re entirely made up of different food products related to their given theme. Players can view leaderboards during each game to keep track of opponents’ times as they race towards a mouth-watering win (or a sour loss).

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In addition to race tracks, the game also includes mini-games such as Dance Fest, Cracker Stacker, UFO Movie Set, and Diner Dash. Playing these games gives users the chance to earn more cash, which they can use to purchase yummy upgrades to their karts. There are also 25 hidden coins to find every day, so kids should be on the lookout if they want to drive the ultimate treat!

This game is available to play for free now on Roblox. If you’re new to the gaming service, you’ll have to create an account on and download Roblox to your device (available for PCs, Macs, iPhones, Androids, and Xbox one). Buckle up players: This is going to be one wild, flavorful ride!