The nostalgia is real. Millennial parents who grew up in the ’80s and ’90s are eager to share their childhood experiences with their kids today, and toy manufacturers are letting them live the dream. From classic arcade games to iconic brands, this year we’re gonna play like it’s 1989.

The Oregon Trail Handheld Game (Basic Fun!)

Kids can learn about the realities of traveling West as a 19th-century pioneer in this handheld version of the popular computer game, The Oregon Trail. Choose a profession and traveling companions, fill a wagon, and make difficult decisions as you travel along the trails. Try to arrive safely and avoid dying of dysentery. This game is $24.99, and designed for kids ages 8 and up. Buy it now!

Arcade1Up (Tastemakers LLC)

These game cabinets feel just like classic arcade games. Built at a 3:4 scale, kids and adults alike can play the games either sitting or standing. All cabinets include multiple games, a 17-inch screen, and multi-player controls. No quarters are required for play. Each cabinet is $399, and made for kids ages 7 and up. Buy it now!

Cupcake Surprise (Sunny Days Entertainment)

These two-in-one dolls transform from a scented cupcake to a doll. Once transformed, the dolls can wear the cupcake topper as a hat. There are many types of Cupcake Surprise available, including Classic Tales, Masquerade, Bridal, and Fairies. Each comes wearing a gown and includes a hairbrush. They are also available in a miniature version. These dolls are $9.99 each, and made for kids ages 3 and up. Buy it now!

Plasticine Movie Maker Studio (Kahootz Toys)

Creativity meets technology with this hands-on movie studio. Kids can use the included props, scenes, sculpting tools, and, of course, Plasticine, to create stop-motion action. Download the free companion app to capture the scenes and produce stop-motion movies. Plasticine never dries out, so the action can keep going as long as they want. The set is $24.99, and made for kids ages 5 and up. Buy it now!

Polly Pocket World Assortment (Mattel)

Polly Pocket is back in her original miniature version. Each compact Pocket World opens to reveal a miniature themed play set with micro dolls, accessories, and surprises. Themes include Cake-tastrophe, Flamingo Floatie, and Snowmazing Surprise. When closed, the compact is portable and small for on-the-go play. Polly Pocket World sets are $14.99, and designed for kids ages 4 and up. Buy it now!

World’s Smallest Tiny Arcade (Super Impulse)

These tiny game cabinets, which stand at 4 inches, are miniature versions of classic arcade games. Each plays one game, featuring authentic game sounds, buttons, and a joystick. The games come attached to a keychain for portability. These toys are $19.99 each, and suggested for kids ages 8 and up. Buy it now!

Crackers In My Bed (Winning Moves Games)

Players take turns spinning the spinner and searching through the bear’s bed to find the top-half cracker pieces that match the bottom-half cracker pieces they have. When a player makes a match, they “feed the bear” with the complete cracker. The first player to feed all of his or her crackers to the bear wins the game. The game is designed for two to four players ages 4 and up, and retails for $12.95. Buy it now!