Skyrocket‘s Recoil line gets gamers fully immersed in their digital battles.

Recoil is changing the way that kids can turn any outdoor space into a digitally enhanced, multiplayer battlefield. This system uses in-ear surround sound, haptic response weaponry, and smartphone integrated gameplay so that players are getting the fully immersive experience.

The AR-enhanced, smartphone-enabled blasters are a gamers dream come true IRL. Players can feel the kickback of their play weapon as 3-D positional audio lets them hear which direction the enemy is coming from—just like in video games, but in your backyard.

Recoil also featuers GPS-enabled technology which maps the game into the real world. You can see where each player is on the map and track his or her movements. Players can also complete objectives integrated into the real world around them.

Plus, with Recoil, the more the merrier. Kids can play with up to 16 players, so the whole neighborhood can get in on the fun. (Move over, flashlight tag!) Included in the multiplayer is mobile add-on play for competitive modes, just as Skirmish, Team Skirmish, and Search & Destroy. Players can chat with each other to coordinate attacks or taunt their enemies.

The Recoil Arsenal is full of fun options for kids to take into the digital battlefield. They all contain high-powered IR transmitters, dynamic force feedback, camera mounts, smartphone connection, and push-to-talk for real-time player chat.

The Recoil Multiplayer Starter Set features unique gameplay modes for indoor and outdoor play. It includes two RK-45 Spitfires, which are compact, versatile, and ready for all types of battle. It’s fully automatic with quick ammo reload. The set also features a Wi-Fi base station, the downloadable mobile game app, and four AR tags.

The Recoil SR-12 Rogue is also fully automatic with quick ammo reload, but more than twice as long and features high fire-rate, magazine capacity, and damage output.

Additionally, kids can use the Frag Grenade for an explosive addition. The one-button design blasts out a large blast radius with time-delay explosion. All Recoil arsenal toys are sold separately.

So put aside your gaming headsets and get up and active with Recoil!