realtree UTV dynacraft

The Dynacraft 24V Realtree UTV is the rugged set of wheels that your young outdoor enthusiast needs this fall.

One of the notable features of this powerful ride is that it’s decked out in custom Realtree graphics. Realtree is a notable brand in the hunting industry, and it’s known for its camouflage fabrics and prints.

The acronym “UTV” means Utility Toy Vehicle, and this UTV ride-on definitely delivers on the utilities. Riders can use the front rack and rear cargo storage compartment to haul and store materials needed for their adventures. Then, little riders can use the MP3 input to blast some tunes over the terrain.

realtree UTV dynacraft

With the suspension spring, kiddos ages 3 and up can take it on the driveway or the sidewalk, but the Reeltree UTV really shines on rough surfaces, such as gravel and grass. It has two speeds and can go in reverse using the gear stick.

Overcast outside? No problem! Riders can use the front headlights to light up the road. However, the illumination is fueled by lithium batteries. So, grown-ups will need to provide four AA batteries to power the headlights. Note that grown-ups will also need an additional two AA batteries for the steering wheel sounds.

Speaking of batteries, the UTV is powered at 24 volts. The extra 12 volts over the standard power package enable it to keep the rider riding — and with more oomph — outdoors.

realtree utv dynacraft 24V

Note: The charging time for 24-volt batteries is longer than batteries with less voltage. So, expect about 12-18 hours of charging time, and plan playtime accordingly. To charge the batteries, you do not need to remove the battery from the UTV. Just plug the adapter from the battery into a wall outlet.

This rugged ride has an open seating compartment, which means more legroom for a longer play-span. However, cautious parents may worry that there are no straps to keep kids in place. The Realtree UTV has grab bars for bumps and tight turns, which may provide parents some peace of mind as their kids play.

All in all, if you are looking for a UTV that is more rugged than refined, this is ideal for outdoor kid adventures.