Source: Penguin Random House/the Toy Insider

Bookworms and brainiacs unite! Puzzlooies books channel the clue sleuth in kids through an array of solve-the-story titles. Middle-grade readers can enjoy mystery, fantasy, and adventure tales while solving trivia problems, riddle games, and more puzzling challenges.

Four new interactive story puzzles will join the Puzzlooies library on Sept. 14. Written by Russell Ginns and Jonathan Maier, these titles include Marooned on the Moon, Hamster Boy & Chameleon Girl Save the Day, The Museum of Supernatural History, and The Worst Curse.

Source: Penguin Random House

Marooned on the Moon takes kids on a galactic journey with Cam, who has been left behind on a lunar base. Kids can help Cam search for supplies, arrange moon base modules, and get him safely home to Earth through games imbued in the story. In Hamster Boy & Chameleon Girl Save the Day, Liz and Arturo are granted superpowers linked to their class pets. Kids will use all their puzzling power to help these frenemies save their school and town.

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The Museum of Supernatural History follows Jayden and Chad as they explore a mysterious museum filled with mythical monsters. Kids will need to help the boys solve their way out of the museum and defeat an ancient evil before it destroys the world. In The Worst Curse, readers will help lead a fellowship of fantastic heroes across a magical kingdom to break a curse and save the land. Through code-cracking and riddle-rhymed fun, kids will escape the Blue Wizard, return the cursed earrings, battle trolls, stop the hungry dragons, and more.

All four titles are available for pre-order at Amazon. You can also look out for these titles in your local bookstores.