Kids Will Never Forget Fun with VTech’s Pull & Discovery Activity Elephant

Elephants are notorious for being some of the most intelligent animals. And now kids have the opportunity to learn from them.

Well not a real elephant, but the Pull & Discover Activity Elephant, from VTech, is certainly close enough for me. The interactive toy introduces kids to other creatures, as well as teaches shapes, colors, and numbers.

The cute mammoth comes smiling and blushing while holding a ball in its trunk and supporting a birdie pal on its back. There’s a couple of critters that can be slid around next to the dial that introduces kids to all of the elephant’s animal friends. Kids can learn about lions and tigers and….hippos, oh my!

Kids can learn about shapes two different ways with their new mammal friend. There are shape buttons on the more interactive side of the elephant, but also small blocks that fit into both the buttons and a shape sorter on the other side. The intelligent beast also seeks to spread its knowledge musically with three different songs and even more melodies to get kids grooving.

While taking the little pal for a spin around their own jungle, kids will have a cute surprise. There is a string attached to the front of the elephant for kids to pull and as it rolls, the ears start flapping. It’s a subtle feature, but one that truly melts the heart.

The Pull & Discover Activity Elephant also highlights the size of the real creatures. It’s not so large that it’s the…elephant in the room. But, it’s big enough to hold its numerous features, while still being light enough for kids to pull.

When kids are feeling either tame or adventurous, their new buddy is there to promote motor skills with all the manipulative play of sliding, spinning, and twisting, as well as encouraging phrases to keep them engaged. Just like an elephant, kids will never forget the fun and adventures they have with the Pull & Discover Activity Elephant.

The Pull & Discover Activity Elephant will be available in the fall.



Manufacturer: VTech
MSRP: $29.99

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