My Little Pony Friendship Rainbow KingdomMy Little Pony is basically the ultimate brand for little girls. Combining magic, friendship, hair play, horses, and sparkle starshine rainbows, Hasbro’s original brand has transcended entertainment barriers with TV shows, movies, music, and apps. However, the heart of the brand lies exactly where it started: in adorable, imaginative toys.

This year, Hasbro will launch the My Little Pony Princess Twilight Sparkle’s Friendship Rainbow Kingdom play set (yes, it’s a mouthful… of awesome!).

A three-level palace fit for any pony princess, the set includes a special edition Princess Twilight Sparkle figure with rainbow hair, adorable cutie marks, and her iconic unicorn horn. PTS and all of her fabulous pony friends can travel in the rolling cloud car and take a trip down the rainbow swirly slide, which for me, is the highlight of the play set. There are lots of places for ponies to hang out in style, such as the lookout tower, golden balcony with hearts galore, or the super cute heart-shaped swing.

With pops of pink and blasts of blue the play set perfectly reflects the vibrancy of the brand and will inspire fun imaginative play in kids ages 3 and up. While the play set is one-sided, most of the landing spots are wide open, so kids can see their pony pals at all times. But the fun doesn’t stop there—what would a pony play set be without a little magic?

Kids can use the two included friendship keys to unlock magical accessories within the kingdom, including a wardrobe, a vanity, a book, and a treasure chest. With a simple turn of the key, kids can open the included accessories that double as easy storage space.

And, of course, Princess Twilight Sparkle comes with her own accessories, including trendy pink shoes (four—one for each hoof!), a tiara, and a skirt fit for a magical pony such as herself. This magical play set will be available at most major toy retailers nationwide and on this fall.